Jim’s Computer Services now has a branch in Ballarat as well, and has employees who have more than 30 years’ experience in delivering top quality IT products and services. This means that your business will benefit tremendously, regardless of whether it is a small home-based operation or one which has multiple branches.

The Ballarat branch of Jim’s has the necessary level of support from the entire Jim’s franchise, which means that you will be able to obtain assistance with virtually any IT or computing problem you may have. Below are some of the available service offerings.

Business Services

These include:

  • Server and Workstation Monitoring
  • IT Cloud Services such as Soonr, Office 365 and more
  • Managed Services like IT Asset Management, Workstation Maintenance, Internet Security and Online Backups
  • Top Quality Consultancy Services for Project/Program Management and IT Service Management (ITIL)

Server and Workstation Monitoring

The complete cost of experiencing an IT failure in a small or large business can be beyond catastrophic because it is not only repair costs that are taken into consideration; the loss of income resulting from the downtime experienced must also be considered. Income loss can be in the form of having to still pay employees, even although they cannot perform their duties or losing lucrative contracts and tenders due to crucial deadlines being missed.

These services also encompass the monitoring of computers and other IT-related devices to ensure that they don’t fail at the most crucial time. Regular maintenance can be performed after hours or during quieter times in the working day to minimize downtime and disturbance as much as possible. Jim’s can provide these products and services to your business, regardless of whether it only consists of a single workstation or it covers hundreds of workstations and servers throughout the country.

IT Cloud Services Such as Soonr, Office 365 and More

Your business can enjoy many benefits when using our IT Cloud Services, with one of the main ones being that of having the ability to share large files with clients or co-workers who may work at home or be stationed at another branch of your franchise. Not only do most email clients prevent the sending or receiving of large files; it also clogs essential bandwidth that can be put to use more effectively elsewhere.

An IT Cloud Service like Soonr enables you to store files securely in the Cloud and it can be set up in such a way that only authorized persons will be able to access the stored info. Access can be provided by means of a password-protected direct link or by engaging in a shared project with other participants who are using the same IT Cloud Service.

Using IT Cloud Services also means that you only need pay for what you use. At any time, you can increase or decrease the amount of service, which will save money in the long term. If your business has expanded, you can increase the amount of IT support and if you are scaling down on operations at any time, you are most welcome to reduce the level of IT support you need accordingly. This offering also enables you to make use of a wider selection of IT services without having to worry about having to pay full-time employees to take care of it for you.

Managed Services like IT Asset Management, Workstation Maintenance, Internet Security and Online Backups

Numerous business and franchise owners literally wait for workstations, routers, servers, backup systems, internet security products and other IT-related solutions to crash completely before they will even consider having repair or maintenance work performed. However, this is not recommended as it will result in unnecessary – and expensive – downtime being experienced while emergency repairs are carried out.

The managed services option form Jim’s will enable you to schedule essential maintenance and/or repairs at times that are most convenient for your business. You will also be able to budget for a set monthly maintenance cost instead of having to worry about how to pay for high emergency repair costs when a malfunction occurs. If you have purchased our managed services contract option, the fee can include some discounted IT Support hours, which can accumulate if not used. This will be highly advantageous at times when additional IT Support is needed. Be sure to ask about our inclusive managed IT Service package.

Top Quality Consultancy Services for Project/Program Management and IT Service Management (ITIL)

Do you need to improve the quality of IT-related service delivery to your business? Do you have a crucial IT project to deliver that will be of tremendous benefit to your business once completed? If so, it is recommended that you enlist our assistance to help you achieve these goals. This will ensure that the employees involved will receive the support they need and it will help keep the associated costs within your pre-determined budget.

Project-Related Services

These include:

  • IT Service Management (ITIL) Consulting for Process Implementation Programs and Projects
  • On-Site Upgrades and Rollouts
  • IT Program and Project Management Consulting for PSO Planning and Delivery and Project Programs

Jim’s Computer Services in Ballarat will provide your business with an experienced and qualified ITIL expert who will be able to assist you with your IT Service Management (ITIL) Process Implementation Program at highly affordable rates.

On-Site Upgrades and Rollouts

Do you need to install new workstations, network infrastructure, servers and/or other IT-related services and products, but you lack the means to make it happen? If so, no project is ever too small or too large for the team at Jim’s. We handle systems as small as single computers right up to those encompassing thousands of units and multiple servers. This means that we can provide all of our services to various branches of your business throughout the country if necessary.

IT Program and Project Management Consulting for PSO Planning and Delivery and Project Programs

Do you realize that your business needs a dedicated project management division, but you lack the skills or expertise to set this up? Do you require assistance to complete your next IT project to perfection? Can you set up an IT program in such a way that it will provide your business with the benefit that the initial investment deserves? If so, Jim’s can assist you by providing the services of an IT project manager who is extensively experienced in setting up and running IT project management offices and programs of all sizes.

Home Computer Services

These include:

  • Computer and IT upgrades
  • Computer and equipment diagnostics
  • Assistance with installing and setting up all IT-related equipment such as replacement or new modems, printers etc.
  • Assistance with the installation and setup of all software such as MS Office, internet security, operating systems, anti-virus and much more
  • Sales of the above mentioned items and services
  • On-site and remote problem-solving services for all IT and computer-related issues

If you would like to find out more about the team here at Jim’s, further information can be obtained on the team webpage. Should you require any computer or IT-related assistance in Ballarat, call us on 1300 288 371 or feel free to complete the handy form on the dedicated Contact Us page on this site.