Jim’s Computer Services now also serves the community of Bendigo. Employees here have more than 30 years’ experience in delivering top notch IT services, which means that this franchise can fulfil all of your IT needs, regardless of whether they are home-based or at a more corporate level of operation.

The Jim’s branch in Bendigo has the full support of the entire Jim’s network around the country, which means that you will be able to get the help you need with virtually any IT-related issues, such as those mentioned below.

Business-Related Services

These include:

  • Basic or in-depth Workstation and Server Monitoring and Maintenance
  • IT Cloud Services such as Soonr, Office 365 and many more
  • Expert Consultancy Services for Program/Project Management and IT Service Management (ITIL)
  • IT Asset Management, Internet Security and Online Backups
  • Assistance with developing and implementing tailor-made IT solutions and products such as Service M8, Social Wi-Fi and more

Workstation and Server Monitoring and Maintenance

The total cost of experiencing any type of IT failure in a business is usually devastating because it is not only equipment repair costs that must be considered; the loss of income resulting from downtime also needs to be factored in. This loss can be in the form of employees who cannot work, but who will still need to be paid for being present and/or deadlines for important clients or tenders that have been missed.

Workstation and server monitoring and maintenance services include the monitoring of IT-related devices and products to ensure that they don’t fail. Having regular maintenance performed during off-peak times will help minimize downtime during a working day as well as help prevent equipment failure from occurring unexpectedly.

Jim’s offers this service to all companies, regardless of whether they consist of single workstations or multiple servers and units dotted throughout the country.

IT Cloud Services Such as Soonr, Office 365 and Many More

When using IT Cloud Services, businesses can benefit in many ways. One of the biggest ways in which they will benefit is that it enables them to share larger than average files with co-workers and/or clients who may be in other locations or working at different branches of the same company. Not only do most email clients prevent the sending and receiving of large files; it also ties up bandwidth unnecessarily – which could be used for other more productive tasks and purposes.

Using Cloud Services and products like Soonr enables you to store confidential files securely in the Cloud, and this system can be set up in such a way that only people authorized by yourself will be able to access it. This can be done by giving them a direct link to it – which can be password-protected if required – or by engaging in a shared project with others who are using the same Cloud Service.

Our IT Cloud Service option lets you only pay for what you will use. As needed, you can increase or decrease the amount of service, which will save money in the long run. For example, if your business has expanded, the amount of required IT support can be increased or if you have fewer employees at any stage, your package can be downgraded at any time as well. All of this means that you can take advantage of a wider range of our IT Services without having to worry about covering the cost of hiring full-time IT employees to do so.

Expert Consultancy Services for Program/Project Management and IT Service Management (ITIL)

Do you have a crucial IT project to deliver that is going to provide your business with a substantial boost? Are you considering improving the quality of IT service delivery to your business? If so, your business will benefit significantly when hiring the service of our experts at Jim’s. This will not only ensure that employees who are involved in the project get the help and support they need; it will guarantee that all associated costs thereof will be kept within your pre-determined budget.

Managed Services Such as Online Backup, IT Asset Management and Internet Security

Most business owners wait for workstations, servers, backup systems, routers, internet security and other systems to come to a complete stop before agreeing to have repair or maintenance performed on them. This is to their detriment though because the downtime that will be experienced could amount to thousands of dollars.

The managed services option from Jim’s would enable you to schedule necessary repair and maintenance work at times that are most convenient for you. Additionally, you have the advantage of being able to budget for a predetermined monthly maintenance fee instead of being slapped with high emergency repair bills when a system malfunction occurs.

If you have chosen our managed service contract option, this fee can include some discounted IT support hours, which can be accumulated if not used. This will be handy at times when additional IT support is needed, so be sure to ask about our all-inclusive managed IT service option.

Assistance with Developing and Implementing Tailor-Made IT Solutions and Products Such as Service M8, Social Wi-Fi and More

Due to the wide variety of backgrounds that the franchisees of Jim’s Computer Services originate from, they are able to offer a wide selection of other IT solutions, along with extensive levels of experience. This makes the Jim’s franchise in Bendigo the ideal place to help you when the time comes to find and implement the best possible IT products and solutions for your business.

Project-Related Services

These currently include:

  • IT Service Management (ITIL) Consulting for Process Implementation Projects and Programs
  • IT Program and Project Management Consulting for Project Program and/or PSO Planning and Delivery
  • On-Site Rollouts and Upgrades

IT Service Management (ITIL) Consulting for Process Implementation Projects and Programs

Jim’s can provide you with an experienced and fully qualified ITIL expert who will be able to assist with your IT Service management (ITIL) process implementation program at highly reasonable rates – especially when compared to those charged by larger consultancy companies.

IT Program and Project Management Consulting for Project Program and/or PSO Planning and Delivery

Do you need help planning your next IT project? Do you have the necessary experience to set up an IT work program so that it will provide your business with the benefit that it deserves? Are you aware that your business requires a dedicated project management division, but you aren’t sure how to get this set up? Jim’s can provide you with the services of a qualified and experienced IT manager, who will be able to assist you with all aspects relating to your next IT project.

On-Site Rollouts and Upgrades

Does your company need new servers, workstations, network infrastructure or other IT-related services or products? If so, no project is too large or too small for Jim’s Computer Services. We work with systems from as small as single workstations right up to those containing multiple units and servers. As a result, we can provide these services at all of your branches throughout the country if required.

Home Computer Services

At present, our home computer services include:

  • Assistance with the installation and setting up of IT and computer equipment such as printers, modems etc.
  • Assistance with installing and setting up software such as MS Office, anti-virus, internet security, operating systems and more
  • Sales of all computer and IT-related items
  • IT and computer upgrades
  • Computer and system diagnostics
  • On-site and remote problem solving of all computer and network-related problems

If you would like to obtain further information about the team at Jim’s Computer Services in Bendigo, this can be done on the team webpage. Should you require any IT or computer-related assistance in the Bendigo area, you can contact us on 1300 288 371 or fill out the handy request form on our Contact Us page.