Jim’s Computer Services now has a franchise based in Drouin. With over 30 years of experience in delivering IT services the franchisee in Drouin is well placed to help you with your IT needs. Having worked and fiddled with personal computing since the late 1970’s he has seen and worked on many areas of personal computing. Having spent almost 30 years of his IT career in many different areas of IT delivering IT Services to large corporations he is well placed to bring this knowledge to your business, as the technology and processes are now very accessible to any size business, even those being run from home.

Jim’s Computer Services Drouin has access to and support from the whole Jim’s Computer Services network Australia wide, so is able to help you with any area of IT or computing that you need help with. Below is a list of services that can be provided. However, this is not an exhaustive list.

Business Services

Workstation monitoring and Server monitoring – the cost to business of a major IT failure is not just the cost of fixing the problem, which can be expensive in its own right, it is the cost to the business of not having the IT services available as expected. This could range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in sunk costs and lost revenue. You could be paying someone to sit around and do nothing while they wait for the IT services to be up and running again. Or you could miss the deadline for a major tender. Workstation monitoring and server monitoring monitors your workstations and servers for potential problems before they fail. Fixes can then be scheduled at a time convenient for the business. This keeps the costs low and the impact on the business is minimal. And this technology can now be implemented at any scale, even if you only have one workstation (computer) in your business.
Expert consultancy for IT Service Management (ITIL) and Project/Programme Management – Do you have a need to improve the IT service delivery to your business? Do you have an IT project to deliver that is going to provide a large boost to your business? It is very important that these projects deliver a benefit to your business. To ensure this occurs it may be advisable to get some expert help to support the employees you have undertaking these projects. It is easy to spend far more than expected and not deliver the expected benefit to the business if projects are not kept under control.
Managed services including maintaining workstations, IT asset management, internet security and online backup – Instead of waiting for your workstations, servers, routers, internet security, backup and other IT services to stop working as expected before doing any work on them, get regular maintenance and other regular services performed on them to avoid the cost to the business of not having them available. Not only do managed services allow you to schedule work when it is most beneficial to the business, instead of when it has failed and has most impact on the business, you also get the benefit of a set monthly fee instead of high ad hoc charges when they are least convenient. And if you have a managed service contract in place the monthly fee can include some discounted IT support hours (that will accumulate if not used) for those times when extra IT support cannot be avoided. Or ask about an all inclusive managed IT service package.
IT Cloud Services including Soonr, Office 365 and others – The benefits to business of IT Cloud Services are many fold. For instance, do you have a need to share large files with others in your business at different locations or with your customers, or even potential customers? Most email systems do not cater for the distribution of large files and emailing a large file out to many recipients is inefficient and an unnecessary use of your internet bandwidth. Using an IT Cloud Service like Soonr allows you to store you files securely on the internet (in the IT cloud) and then provide access to only those who you want access, by providing a link (perhaps password protected) or operating a shared project with others using the same IT Cloud Service. IT Cloud Services also allow you to purchase and pay for only what you need to use. Most IT Cloud Services allow you to expand and contract what you are paying for very quickly, something that is very difficult to do if you are trying to provide the service internally to your business. Thus, as your business requires and can pay for the extra IT service then purchase more. If you no longer need the service or need to make it smaller then that can be done too. If you are doing this internally then you need to purchase enough computer hardware and software to cater for your whole estimated need and then reducing it later then becomes very difficult or even comes at extra cost. Finally, most IT Cloud Services have the complexities built in so that your business does not need to hire the expertise to look after these complexities. Thus you are able to take advantage of a greater range of IT services without the expense of hiring all this IT expertise.
Help with finding and implementing innovative IT solutions like Social Wifi, ServiceM8 and others – Because of the scale of the overall Jim’s Computer Services organisation and the wide variety of backgrounds that all the franchisees come from many other innovative IT solutions are available from Jim’s Computer Services. And Jim’s Computer Services Drouin is well placed to help you with finding and implementing a solution that will best suit your business, with many years of experience with implementing computer systems for large corporations. Let them bring this experience to your business.

Project Services

Onsite IT rollouts and upgrades – Do you need to rollout new workstations or servers but do not have the personnel to do this? Do you need to upgrade your workstations, servers, networks or other IT services but don’t have the IT staff available to do it? No project is too small or too large? We can handle as small as one computer up to hundreds of computers. And combined with other franchisees, we are well placed to support an IT rollout across multiple sites, or perhaps all around the country.
IT Service Management (ITIL) consulting for process implementation programmes and projects – Jim’s Computer Services can provide a qualified ITIL Expert to help you with your IT Service Management (ITIL) process implementation project at a very reasonable rate compared to much larger consultancy firms.
IT Project and Programme Management consulting for IT programme, project or PSO planning and delivery – Do you need help with planning for your IT Project? Do you know how to go about setting up an IT programme of work so that you can be sure it provides the benefit to the business that the investment deserves? Do you know you need a Project Management Office but are not sure how to go about it. Jim’s Computer Services can provide you with a very experienced IT Project Manager that has many years experience with delivering IT Projects, setting up and running IT Project Management Offices and IT Programmes. They can help you with any aspect of the work that will help your business deliver on the benefits of the project or programme of work.

Home Services

– Help with installing IT and Computer equipment: PCs, modems, printers, and others.
– Help with installing IT and Computer software: internet security, MS Office, and others.
– Facilitate sales of the above.
– Computer Upgrades
– Computer Tune-up
– Onsite and remote solving of IT and Computer problems.


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