There is now a Jim’s Computer Services franchise that is operating in Gippsland as well. Boasting more than 30 years of experience when it comes to performing an extensive range of IT services, the franchisee in Gippsland is more than suitably qualified to assist you with any and all of your IT requirements.
Jim’s Computer Services in Gippsland has the support of the entire franchise throughout Australia, and as a result, the Gippsland branch will be able to assist you with virtually any type of IT or computing problems that you may be encountering. Below is just a basic list of some of the services that are on offer:

Business Services

1. Server and Workstation Monitoring

Any form of IT failure has the potential to cost a business thousands of dollars in lost information and working time. Employers could end up paying employees to sit around and do nothing until the necessary IT services can be performed and work related deadlines could be missed. We are able to monitor your workstations and servers for potential problems before disaster strikes. Repairs can then be scheduled for times that are most convenient or during quieter working periods to minimize inconvenience. We can provide these services to business who only have one workstation or to those who have many.

2. IT Service and Project/Program Management

Are you looking for better quality IT service delivery or do you have an IT-related project to deliver that will provide a tremendous boost to your business? To ensure that this happens, it is recommended that you obtain expert help and advice to help support the employees and anyone else who will be instrumental in completing these projects. After all, it is far too easy to exceed your initial IT budget and still not deliver what has been promised to clients if you don’t have the necessary knowledge and tools.

3. IT-related Asset Management, Internet Security, Online Backup, Workstation Maintenance and Other Services

Instead of waiting for servers, computers, routers, internet security, backup and/or other IT services to malfunction, why not schedule regular maintenance for them? This will not only enable you to schedule work to be done when it is most convenient for you at an affordable set monthly fee; it will prevent breakdowns occurring at the most crucial moments, which will extremely costly to repair. If you have a managed service contract with us, there may even be instances where the monthly fee will include a few discounted IT support hours (can accumulate unused hours) that can be used when additional IT support is desperately needed. We also offer all-inclusive IT service packages.

4. IT-Related Cloud Services such as Office 365, Soonr and Many More

IT Cloud services can provide a significant amount of benefits to businesses of all sizes, such as sharing large files with employees at different company branches or with clients. Most email systems don’t accommodate sharing of large files with numerous recipients because doing so can place tremendous strain on internet bandwidth. An IT Cloud Service such as Soonr lets you store files securely online, while only providing access to anyone whom you have granted permission to. Our IT Cloud Services also enable you to only pay for what you use, which means that during quieter periods, you can use smaller or cheaper options and upgrade them as needed.

5. Assistance with Locating and Using IT Solutions such as ServiceM8, Social Wi-Fi and Others

Employees at Jim’s Computer Services have an extensive range of experience in a wide variety of IT-related backgrounds, which means that they can provide numerous innovative IT solutions to individuals and businesses of all sizes and in all different types of industries.

Project Services

1. IT-related Service Management Consulting for Process Implementation Projects and Programs

Jim’s Computer Services is able to provide clients with a qualified ITIL Expert, who can assist them with their IT Service Management (ITIL) process implementation projects at highly competitive rates.

2. On-site Upgrades and IT-system Rollouts

Do you need to set up new computers and/or server systems but simply don’t have the expertise or employees to do so? If so, no project is too small or too large for us. In fact, we are happy to deal with only 1 computer or a network system involving hundreds. Owing to the fact that we have multiple branches around the country, we can even perform a complete IT rollout across numerous sites throughout the country if required.

3. IT-related Project and Program Management Consulting

Do you need assistance with planning your IT projects? Do you know how to set up an IT work program in such a way that it will provide the required benefits to your business? Are you aware of the fact that you desperately need a Project Management Office, but you have absolutely no idea how to get it set up? If this is the case, Jim’s Computer Service is able to provide you with experienced IT project managers who have vast levels of experience when it comes to setting up and running various types of project management offices and programs.

Home Based Computer Services

In addition to the above mentioned business-related IT services, Jim’s Computer Services can assist home users with a range of services, such as:

  • Assistance with installing and setting up of IT and computer hardware such as PCs, modems, printers etc.
  • Assistance with installing and setting up of IT and computer software such as MS Office, internet security packages and much more.
  • Facilitating sales of the above mentioned products.
  • Computer tune-ups and upgrades.
  • On-site and/or remote problem solving of IT-related issues.

Further information about the entire team at Jim’s Computer Services can be obtained right here on the team webpage.
If you would like to purchase any of the above mentioned services or products from Jim’s Computer Services, contact us by calling 1 300 288 371, fill out the form on the right of this page or feel free to use our Contact Us page.