Jim’s Computer Services provides a full range of computer services for home office workers and home computer users. Jim’s computer consultants and technicians can come to your home or provide services remotely, depending on what suits you best. Below is a sample of the services provided by Jim’s Computer Services. We cover all metropolitan and country areas around Australia.

Computer Repairs

Computer RepairsDo you want a computer technician that fits in with when you are available? Do you have time to take your computer to the repair shop and then pick it up again when it is ready? Do you have the time to work out your computer problems for yourself or could your time be better spent doing something else?

A Jim’s Computer technician will arrange for a time to do the repairs that suits you. They will turn up at the agreed time and perform the serviced as agreed with you. The Jim’s Computer Services technician will repair your computer while you get on with what is important to you. We offer a same day repair service in most areas and some services can be performed remotely using your internet connection.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Virus and Spyware RemovalDoes your computer do things that you have not asked it to do? Does it take a long time to do things compared to the way it used to be? Do you continually get messages popping up asking you to click ok or say yes to something that you have not initiated? Or is it just acting strange?

This behavior is often caused by a computer virus or malware. If not removed the situation will just continue to get worse. Jim’s Computer Services can clean up your computer of all such malicious software and get your computer running as it should again.

Computer Upgrades

Computer UpgradesDoes your computer take too long to start up? Do you have no room left on your computer for the last lot of photos you took or the latest game you bought? Do you have to turn all your settings down so that you can at least play the game you just bought? Are you getting warnings that your operating system is no longer supported?

Now could be a good time for a computer upgrade. But what do I need to upgrade? Do I need to upgrade a part of my computer or the whole computer. Jim’s Computer Services can help you decide on what you need and then help you with upgrading your computer.

Internet Security

Internet SecurityIn today’s connected world the dangers of the internet come in many forms. Are you protected from a direct attack through your internet connection? Are you allowing malicious software to run on your computer via the emails you read every day? Is the website you are visiting downloading unwanted programs on to your computer?

Internet security comes in many forms, from devices you can buy, to software that needs to be always up to date and running on your computer. Jim’s Computer Services can advise you of the best internet security to meet your needs and then help you install it and keep it up to date.

Data Backup & Recovery

Data Backup and RecoveryHow important to you are the photos, music, games, documents and other files that you keep on your computer? Recovering files from a computer that has had a major failure can be very costly and time consuming. And there are no guarantees that your files can be recovered at all.

There are many different ways to back up your files so that you can recover them in the event of a serious computer problem. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, and it may be advisable to use more than one method. Jim’s Computer Services can help you to determine what would suit your needs best and help you to implement it. They can also help you to manage your backups, making sure they always run successfully and can be recovered when needed.

Computer Tune-up

Computer Tune-upDo you do regular servicing on your car? Do you have regular checkups with your doctor? How about your teeth, do you have regular check ups with your dentist? Well, just like your car and your health, if you don’t do regular clean ups and tuning of your computer then it runs the risk of slowing down or even having a serious problem.

Get Jim’s Computer Services to regularly service your computer to reduce the risk of problems and keep it running to maximum performance.

Internet Broadband Setup

Internet Broadband SetupNearly everything you do on a computer these days uses the internet. Games need the internet so that you can play with your friends. Email and other communication methods need the internet to work. And who doesn’t use the internet these days to research and shop? Even your mobile phone and smart tv needs the internet.

But there are many different ways to connect to the internet and many different companies to do it through. And how do you get all those devices within the home connected to your internet provider? And if you have a connection to the national broadband network do you want to take advantage of it by replacing your phone with an internet phone? Ask a Jim’s Computer Services consultant to help you with the best solution to meet your needs and then put it in place.


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