There are many reasons that may make you feel that you need to do a computer upgrade. But how do you work out if you need to upgrade your whole computer, some parts in your computer, or you just need a computer tune-up. The key is to discuss the current behavior of your computer and what you want to use your computer for with someone who understands computers and the time and costs involved in doing an upgrade.

Doing a computer upgrade is more than just purchasing a new computer or new computer part. There is also the effort of installing it and with some upgrades there is also the effort of moving from the old to the new. For example, if you upgrade to a new computer how many things are there on the old computer that need to move to the new computer and do you have the tools you need to do the move?

The first thing Jim’s Computer Services will do for you is help you work out what kind of upgrade you need to meet your current and future plans. They will then provide you with a recommendation, often with other options, to achieve want you want to do. Then a Jim’s Computer Services technician can help you with the purchases, installation and moving required for your upgrade.

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