Data Backup

There are many different options for backing up your photos, music, videos, documents and other data safely. Do I back them up to another computer device in my home, either connected to my computer or connected to my home network? Do I back them up to a device that I can store away from home just in case some disaster impacts my whole house including all the computer equipment in it? Or do I back them up in the cloud and what is the cloud anyway?

Jim’s Computer Services impartial advice on what data back up options are best suited to your needs and then help you in implementing your chosen back up options.

Data Restore

But there is more to data back up than implementing a data back up solution. In the event of disaster how do you retrieve the data that you have backed up? How do you even know that the back ups you have been doing were successful and retrievable?

A Jim’s Computer Services consultant will have made sure that these questions were asked when determining what data back up options to implement and can help you with restoring the data in the event of a major failure and loss of data. Even if you did not get Jim’s Computer Services to help with setting up your data backup than can still be called on to help restoring your data if you are not sure what to do.

Data Recovery

But is there something I can do if I have a major failure with my computer equipment and have lost data that I have not saved with a data backup? In the case of just minor damage or deleted data then stop using your computer straight away and call Jim’s Computer Services. They can use special programs to recover any data that has not yet been overwritten.

In the case of serious damage to the data storage device the Jim’s Computer Services have a close relationship with data recovery specialists who can attempt to recover your data for you. Jim’s Computer Services will come to you at a time convenient to you to pick up the storage device, take it to the recovery specialist and then bring back whatever data can be recovered.

But data recovery is an expensive and time consuming process that you are only going to every proceed with to retrieve you most precious data. It is highly recommended that you put appropriate data backup and restore processes in place so that you can avoid any need for data recovery.


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