The internet is continually becoming a more and more important part of the setup of our homes as the number of devices that use the internet and what we use it for increases every day. However, along with this comes a growing number of security threats related to the internet, including viruses and other nasty programs intent on doing many things that range from frustrating to loss of money and worse. Prevention is better than cure, so a good security package is very important.

So are free internet security programs any good, do you get what you pay for, and is an anti virus program all you need? There is a lot of technical jargon out there, so how can you work it out?

A good first step is to talk to a Jim’s Computer Services consultant. He can talk to you about your needs and help you determine what will best suit your situation and budget. We can even offer more than just the purchase and installing of a program or device. Jim’s Computer Services now offers managed solutions where we take an active role in making sure your internet security system is kept up to date and operating as it should be.

To request help from your local Jim’s Computer Services consultant book a job online or call us on 1300 288 371.