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IT Governance and Service Management

IT Governance and Service ManagementIs your IT infrastructure contributing to the overall success of your business?

Is your IT infrastructure fit for purpose, stable and reliable?

Do you have it under control?

Are you thinking ahead and getting the best value you can out of your IT infrastructure, or waiting for things to happen and suffering the consequences?


IT Programme and Project Management

IT Programme and Project ManagementAre your IT projects delivering the value to your business that you expect from them?

Do your IT projects finish on time and budget?

Are your IT projects delivered in a consistent manner?

Are you having trouble with handling multiple IT projects at the same time?

Not sure where to start?


IT Security

IT SecurityIs your IT Environment Secure?

What would happen to your business if someone accessed your important information?

What would happen to your business if you had no access to email or the internet for a period of time?

What would happen to your business if your IT infrastructure became unavailable?


IT Cloud Services

IT Cloud ServicesWhat are IT Cloud services and how can they benefit your business?

IT Cloud services are IT services that are provided by an IT services provider via the internet, outside of your business’ IT environment. Instead of your business purchasing the IT hardware, software and expertise to setup, run and maintain an IT service, the IT service is purchased from the IT service provider and delivered via the internet.


Data Management

Data ManagementIs your business taking full advantage of the data available to it?

Are you missing out on valuable data that could be of significant benefit to your business?

Are you turning data into information that benefits your business?

Could your business benefit from having valuable information available no matter where you are located?

Could your business benefit from sharing valuable information amongst all those who could benefit from it?

How long could your business survive without access to its valuable information?


Server Management

Server ManagementDoes your business stop while server issues are resolved?

Do you have a large investment in server technology with little value to the business to show from it?

Do you know how many servers you have, what they are required for, and whether they are adding value to the business?

Do you have a consistent and reliable approach to managing your servers?


Desktop and Printer Services

Desktop and Printer ServicesDo you know what desktop, laptop, mobile and printer devices you own?

How much time do you waste keeping licenses and applications up to date?

What is the impact on your business productivity of having devices out of service?


Network Services

Network ServicesDo you know who or what is connecting to your network?

Is your network slowing your business down?

Not sure whether you should be laying cables or going wireless?

Do I really need to maintain both a telephone network and a computer network?


Websites Services

Website ServicesIs your business making the most of the digital world?

Are your competitors winning business from you because of their superior website?

Do you have a new business that needs to become known?

Do you have a website but have no time to keep it up to date?


Sales, Upgrades, Repairs and Maintenance

Sales Upgrades Repairs and MaintenanceAre your IT purchases in line with your business strategy and plans?

Do upgrades and maintenance only occur after your IT environment is becoming a burden on the business?

Are your IT support staff available on site when you need them?


Systems and Apps Development and Maintenance

System and Apps Development and MaintenanceAre your IT systems and applications giving your business a competitive edge?

Having trouble finding the best IT system for your business?

Does your IT project require a skill that your project team does not have?



Other Technology Services

Other Technology ServicesAre you making the most of what technology is out there to help your business succeed?

Did you even know what is out there that might help?




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