What is a Managed IT Service?

Proactive management of an IT (Information Technology) asset or object by a third party on behalf of a customer.

Reduce the negative impact on your business caused by technological issues and instead turn your technology to growing and improving your business. JCS Proactive Care is what your business needs. By taking actions prior to when issues arise and cause impact to your business you can focus on your business instead. Traditional break fix models paid for as a monthly fee with varying levels of support required is not proactive care, because it involves waiting for something to break and then fixing it. Higher levels of service may reduce the impact on your business after it has occurred, but proactive care endeavours to reduce the impact on your business by reducing the number of times an issue occurs. The biggest cost to your business is lost revenue from not being able to do business because technology has failed. There are three levels of proactive services: monitoring, maintaining, and complete management.

Proactive Care Monitoring is a Managed IT Service designed to monitor devices and services for indicators that problems may occur in the near future if action is not taken now. Alerts are to be provided to the person responsible for the maintenance of the device or service if defined thresholds are reached, so that they can take action prior to a problem manifesting as an issue for your business. A limited number of actions may be automated as part of the Monitoring service due to the urgency of taking immediate action (i.e. quarantine a virus). Proactive Care Maintenance adds maintenance activities to the monitoring to further reduce the chance of the device or service not performing up to expectation. Finally, there is Proactive Care Complete Management, where full responsibility is taken for every part of delivering the device or service, from placing the order through to disposal of the device or replacement of the service.