Is your IT infrastructure contributing to the overall success of your business?

Is your IT infrastructure fit for purpose, stable and reliable?

Do you have it under control?

Are you thinking ahead and getting the best value you can out of your IT infrastructure, or waiting for things to happen and suffering the consequences?

Are your IT projects delivering the value to your business that you expect from them?

Do your IT projects finish on time and budget?

Not sure where to start?

Our consultants have many years experience in delivering and maintaining IT environments. This includes experience in the set up and running of IT Governance Structures and IT Service Management processes to ensure you have control over your IT environment and are getting the best value out of it for the success of your business.

They also have many years experience in delivering IT projects, and managing IT Programme Management Offices. This includes experience in the set up of IT Programme/Project Management Offices and project planning for new projects and the tools used, like Microsoft Project.
Ask Jim’s IT Services to provide you with the guidance you need to make your IT Infrastructure and IT Projects work for you. Get them to provide IT Consulting at a very reasonable rate to help your business move forward.