National IT Services Services provides a full range of Computer and IT services and solutions for business owners and home office workers of any size and industry.

Computer Repairs and Upgrades

Computer Repairs and U[grades

Need repairs or upgrades to your PC, Server or laptop ? From laptop screen repairs, memory, Hard Drive replacement to Solid State Drives without losing your valuable data and software ?

We come to you to offer the best solution and repair service we can provide.

Business Telephony and Conferencing

All plans are pre pay with no lock in contracts. There are plans to suit small operators to large call centres.

All plans include FREE Cloud PBX features, including call recording and conferencing, controled via a web interface from anywhere in the world… Let us help you reduce your current phone and conferencing costs.

Cloud Services

Do you know what IT Cloud services are and how they could benefit your business?

IT Cloud services are IT services that are provided by an IT services provider via the internet, outside of your business’ IT environment. Instead of your business purchasing the IT hardware, software and expertise to setup, run and maintain an IT service, the IT service is purchased from the IT service provider and delivered via the internet.

Cyber Security

Is your IT Environment Secure?

What would happen to your business if someone accessed your important information?

What would happen to your business if you had no access to email or the internet for a period of time?

What would happen to your business if your IT infrastructure became unavailable?

Data Management

Is your business data organised and managed so that you can use it to add value to your business?

Do you have all the data you need to manage your business successfully?

IT Consulting

Is your IT infrastructure contributing to the overall success of your business?

Is your IT infrastructure fit for purpose, stable and reliable?

IT Support and Maintenance

Need someone to look after your IT Support and Maintenance while you focus on more important things?

Need someone onsite but it’s too far away for your regular support staff to get to in time?

Managed IT Services

What is a Managed IT Service?

Proactive management of an IT (Information Technology) asset or object by a third party on behalf of a customer…

Network Services

Do you know who or what is connecting to your network?

Is your network slowing your business down?

Not sure whether you should be laying cables or going wireless?

Do I really need to maintain both a telephone network and a computer network?

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