Manage Your Inbound Calls

  • Set up each phone number with own rules for incoming calls
  • Send calls to voicemail after hours
  • Set up simultaneous call with you mobile, or call forward after x rings
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Virtual Receptionist

  • Direct calls to different parts of business using Auto Attendant
  • Create recording and setup call flow (press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts, etc)
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Call Queue

  • Get calls queued until they can be answered
  • Let callers know they are in the queue and estimated wait time
  • You decide how it is set up
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Music On Hold

  • Simple and easy to upload your own music and messages
  • Portray the business image you want
  • Select when to play what
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Call Recording

  • Record all calls
  • Record individual calls
  • Your choice
  • Perfect for audio contracts and agreements
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  • Personal recordings for BUSY and UNAVAILABLE
  • Save, delete and forward your voicemails via email
  • Setup from any phone, anywhere
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  • Host an audio conference with up to the number of free channels you have
  • Now with free virtual room feature for sharing your PC to participants
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Simultaneous Ring

  • Have a number of phones ring at the same time
  • First to answer takes the call
  • Have work phone, mobile, and home phone ring at the same time
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Hunt Groups

  • Up to 10 phones in one hunt group
  • Determine phone number order
  • Determine how long each phone rings before going to the next phone
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Call Forwarding

  • Call forward when line busy or not answered in time
  • Call forwarding based on schedule
  • Emergency diversion for when your data link is offline
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Shared Line

When a staff member needs to answer the one phone number from many different places: desk phone at work, softphone on the go, desk phone at home, link more than one phone device to the one number. Up to 5 separate devices can be linked to the one phone number. Learn more.

Call Pickup

  • Need phones to be answered where possible instead of going to voicemail
  • Answer someone else’s phone when they are not there
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Caller ID and Call Rejection

  • Determine what to do based on Caller ID
  • Reject anonymous calls
  • Setup a blacklist and reject blacklisted callers
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Setup Your Outbound Calling

  • Easy to use setup
  • Manage your settings from anywhere
  • Setup Caller ID and Privacy settings
  • Set up PIN codes for restricting calls
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Caller ID and Call Privacy

  • Would like to protect staff from receiving direct phone calls
  • Choose whether to show or block your caller ID by default
  • Present a standard business number as the caller ID

Call Return

  • Lose connection or need to call back someone who called you?
  • Dial *69 and call them right back
  • Not sure, get the system to tell you what number before dialling
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Last Number Redial

  • Lose connection or need to call back someone you called?
  • Dial *66 and call them right back
  • Not sure, get the system to tell you what number before dialling
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Speed Dial

  • Need to be able to easily call your most important customers
  • Single digit dialling
  • Store up to 8 numbers
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PIN Code for Restricting Calls

  • Need to restrict who can make what kind of calls?
  • Set a PIN code and only provide it to those with authorisation
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Outbound Trunking

  • Do you look after your own call routing and need control of trunking
  • We can help you do that too
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Other Advanced Features

  • Call Parking
  • Call Transfers
  • Remote Dial Tone
  • Remote Call Back
  • Presence and Busy Lamp Field
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  • TCP, TLS and Secure RTP Options
  • Caller Name Display
  • SIP Peering
  • Voice Quality & Network
  • Set Up Your Time Schedules
  • Time Zone Options
  • Extension Dialing
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Account Login

  • Log into your account from anywhere using our web interface
  • Check your balance
  • Add credit to your account (coming soon)
  • Configure regular payments and auto top ups (coming soon)
  • View your bills and payments
  • Change your plans
  • View your call records
  • Add numbers to your account
  • Adjust all your PBX features

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